Bet You Have Not Heard This Scandal From The Media!

Before I begin to wax rhapsodic on the subject at hand, a quick scolding is in order for our so called “mainstream media”. As per usual they are incompetent, dishonest and bordering on criminal in their reportage. More on these feeble minded lapdogs later. As to the titled scandal, I bet most of you are not familiar with Rep. Kerry Gauthier (D) of Minnesota. This fellow has been involved in a scandal which is all to typical of our leaders of years past.

Regardless of your political leanings, I should think that most decent people should loudly shout “ENOUGH” with these dirt bags who actually are the leaders of this great nation. The constant scandals both big and small and in most cases beneath the pale are sickening. Worse still they have left Washington D.C. in an absolute state of disrepute in my opinion.

Rep. Gauthier technically did not commit a crime as the state of Minnesota has an age of consent of 16 so criminally the man is ok for now. That of course precludes any charges for sex in public which is yet to be determined. Well friends the Honorable Gentlemen from Minnesota was simply engaged in oral sex with a 17 year old boy at a rest stop. How charming. I am sure you want your kids to emulate such a leader, no? He is not the first nor in this era will he be the last. That my friends is what is most troublesome.

Of course I hear the voices screaming well republicans do it also. Why not pick on them? I will. Yes Rep. Mark Foley sent text messages to a few young pages in 2006. How could I forget? It was headline news for months and is greatly attributed to the Republicans losing control of Congress that year. And that is my point. The media would not shut up about these texts, yet nary a peep over poor Kerry.

Of course I recall Senator Larry Craig and the toe tapping incident in a men’s restroom stall. One would have thought he committed genocide by the media coverage he received. Every day and night for months until he vanished in to oblivion. Again toe tapping vs. oral sex with a minor? I am having a hard time finding any news on poor Kerry exclusive of some local reports in Minnesota. I think you get my point. One sided media. Is this The Pravda News Service?

Of course my concern go to the countless victims of all these lecherous vermin we honorably call Congressman and on occasion even Mr. President. For it is they who most likely suffer. But this great nation suffers as well as we descend in to the pits of slime with these “leaders”. What would Lincoln or Washington think of such behavior? Probably the same as most of us.

The sad thing is many turn a blind eye to these topics out of blind ideology or simply choose to point at an offender if he sits on the wrong side of the aisle. I find it all offensive and have stated countless times to throw all the bums out. From top to bottom. Believe me we have hit bottom. I mean if Senator Boxer claims “Republicans hate their first wives” because of some inane comment by a vapid candidate, Rep. Todd Akin, then by her leap of logic I must assume Democrats think 17 year old boys are play things. Silly isn’t it? But the proper conclusion nonetheless.

At the end of the day I seek real leadership. With the swamp which is D.C. I am afraid decent people are afraid to go and serve. No doubt afraid of possible infection and the result is more bottom of the barrel leadership. I do not trust a one of them and neither should you. As the saying goes “we get the leadership we deserve”. I disagree. We deserve a hell of a lot better. As to the press. Let us just say the vast majority are worthless ideologues with an agenda. I do not trust them either. Be cautious in your news gathering friends. They will attempt to deceive you constantly. Remember they all live in a cocoon and play to each other. They are the “Elite” at least in their own eyes. In my eyes, they should be doing cereal slogans.

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    • Very kind words indeed Bridgett. Thank you and your father. I have not written in a while as personal business has kept me away. Hope to restart soon. Good day.

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