Chicago Kids Get The Middle Finger From Teachers. Let Em Eat Cake!

The next time I hear a Democratic flak/politician state “it’s for the children”, I will have no choice but to expel my lunch. Can we really believe these phonies ever again in light of the teachers strike in Chicago? Not I. I believe their true colors are shining through and for all to see. One can hope.

After all it is no secret that the Democratic party is owned by it’s largest contributors which not coincidentally are the teachers unions. Whose side are these charlatans on anyway? Obviously the side which gives them millions every year in campaign contributions. What do they get for this largesse? It seems whatever they want. Crony capitalism anyone?

So here we sit in the midst of a depression of sorts with the figures of 25 million people without jobs. And Chicago has offered its teachers a more than hefty 16% raise or approximately $400,000,000.00 over the next four years. Add this to the fact that they are already the 2nd highest paid teaching group in the nation with average income of $76,000.00 plus gold plated benefits which easily place them in the six figure category and of course places them in the top 10% of income earners. Not a bad deal for working nine months a year most would admit. I’ll take that job. Please. They are second only to New York City in income.

I suppose one might argue they are worth it. B.S. The results of these teachers is abysmal to say the least. According to the Dept. of Education, 79% of 8th graders do not read at grade level. And the graduation rate is equally poor. So do the teachers deserve this raise? Hell no. Where I come from if you do not deliver you do not get paid. Period. We don’t get raises for showing up.

But the irony lies in the fact that the key sticking point of the negotiation is part of an Obama administration directive on grading of said teachers. Mayor Rahm is on board as is the President but the union gives the middle finger to the kids. How dare we teachers have to sustain certain competency levels? Well teachers, in my field we must maintain certain levels each and every year or we are out.

What makes you so special? Marching down the streets bitter and angry as if you had been wronged. You are even rebelling against your patriarch and his form Chief of Staff. Irony indeed. Try plain old greed. Are any of you aware that all industries must meet certain requirements annually? Apparently not. Stop reading the Daily Worker and join the real world.

More importantly why not consider the young brains you are presumably teaching and molding. Your words say one thing but your actions cry out “let em eat cake”. I find the whole sordid mess repugnant. Have you no pride in your jobs. Why do you feel a sense of entitlement as you do at the expense of parents and taxpayers who have no such monopoly control over their respective incomes. You buy off a party and expect the spiff in return. I/we certainly can not do that.

I submit it is pure greed and any words about compassion are empty rhetoric used by the politicians you fund. In the meantime who suffers? Those precious children your bought and paid for monies proclaim to support. I mean really, you are fighting your own administration after all. If I were not so offended for the children, as a non Democrat I would be laughing. But you see I actually care about these kids. It is not a slogan for me. So enough of those 60’s slogans and pathetic placards. Get to work. The kids need qualified teachers. As you have been proven failures at this task, I suggest Obama step in and fire you all. I hear charter schools and other alternative choices run rings around you academically and the children thrive. I am sure parents would love that option.

But wait, you own a political party that blocks alternative choices at every turn. What happened to Pro-Choice? I assume that only applies to preschool kids.

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