Why So Much Hate And Anger? Or, The Tower Of Babel (Babble) Discourse.

I have always enjoyed a good debate both as a participant and as a witness. My god what happened to those days. We apparently no longer have the ability or the want to engage in honest debate. We are reduced to hearing uncivilized and in some instances sheer, vile rhetoric. Not a true statesmen as the word was intended is in sight and we also find ourselves awash with pundits and talking heads from all sides and invariably I find them tedious at best, vile and hostile at worse to listen to.

Anger seems to rule the day. Believe as I do or you are henceforth my enemy. No where is this more prevalent than in the politics of the day. Wild and oft times unsubstantiated rhetoric seems to pass for honest discourse and shame on us. No one seems to truly listen anymore. As best I can tell, the ideological blinders are on everyone.

The politicians, to the media talking heads and down to constituents are spouting facts which in many/most instances are party talking points without bothering to confirm the claims made, yet believing same. At the end of the day we are all speaking a different language. Have we finally become “The Tower of Babel”? Of course we have. Witness it daily on your TV set or local paper. But why all the anger?

I hear hateful rhetoric over disagreements on policy. I hear both sides terming the other as delusional. It can’t be both can it? My advice is to stop, think and listen very carefully. It is for our general good. I sense this is the end result of the breakdown and low level of people we entrust with power in public office at all levels. Fooled by clever speeches and pretty hair. These fiends have had a field day in the information age. They are not leaders friends but far from it. I find most to be power mad, self aggrandizing types whose lust for power and money allow for the worst leaders imaginable. And I speak for both sides of the aisle. Decent people dare not tread on this turf for fear of becoming consumed by it.

To say it is all unseemly is too soft. Repugnant is a more apt phrase. Vicious to the bone. Protect my seat of power at any cost. Blame game used and tossed around willy nilly. After  listening to these vermin, I think to myself how stupid do they think we are? Likely very much so as they stay in power and we degrade with each and every election cycle. It truly sickens me. Yet people seem preconditioned to believe anything spoken by a like minded individual whether true or not and  the facts be damned. “They just get in my way.”

And for the ideologically minded, your guy is as bad as my guy. No one seems to have a monopoly on the truth. The anointed ones think they are above it all and they seem to be doing just fine. For themselves that is. We are in a quandary and I wonder how and when this might change. The sooner it does, the better for this nation.

I stated we all speak a different language and this is certainly a viable proposition. But more importantly I feel that no one listens anymore if the argument does not fit their world vision or sensibilities. You are dismissed as naive, delusional and worse. How pedantic it all is. So where do we go from here. I suppose I can suggest Fox news haters watch Fox news. Or MSNBC haters watch MSNBC. But my instincts tell me there would be loads of smashed TV’s in the USA.

So it might be a bad idea. I notice with the people I routinely debate, if I throw in documented facts, they choose to ignore those facts and attack me personally. I don’t quite understand that mindset yet I see it routinely. We must keep trying and strive to bring out the best in all. We must get beyond sloganeering and settle on intellectual discourse. It can be done or from what I see, we will end up as those folks in The Tower of Babel.

Article first published as <a href=’http://technorati.com/politics/article/why-so-much-hate-and-anger/’>Why So Much Hate And Anger? Or, The Tower Of Babel (Babble) Discourse</a> on Technorati.


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