Who Is Looking Out For You? Definitely Not D.C.

As stated by this writer countless times, we must get over this fixation that Washington can solve our collective problems. They can’t as central planners around the world have discovered for centuries. There is no one smart enough to manage the trillions of actions and transactions which occur each year by people with varied interests and needs. But for some reason, citizens in this country and others seem to think the next President or Congressman will heal the sick and walk on water. Bullshi…..

We deserve the politicians we elect. How sad we elect con artists with pretty hair or a sopranos voice. I can attest to the fact that the combined brain power in DC barely edges out plant life or your every day vermin. So as I gaze on that “shiny city on a hill”, I see vermin infesting the body politic. Rich vermin that is. And lets not quibble over party distinctions. There are none. But they enrich themselves greatly and at our expense and of course utilize practices which would incarcerate any of us. Forget about insider trading on Wall Street. Congress puts them to shame. I suppose it is futile to mention influence peddling. That too is a jackpot for the elites.

Of course they condescend to us and treat us as mere servants. People wake up!. They work for us! They are supposed to be employees! What the hell happened? These are not great leaders as were our founding Fathers. Those men pledged their lives and monies and jeopardized being hung by the redcoats. Can you imagine the narcissism inherent in our current leaders allowing them to do same. I sure can’t as they are without question the most self indulgent and self centered leaders known to man. They get rich off of us and serve the bourgeoisie pablum and a few token slogans and the people bow down to kiss their rings. Repugnant indeed. In centuries past, leaders had real stones. My own namesake, King Leonidas died fighting with his men as did several leaders in history. By comparison, what we call leaders today are simply cowards. An embarrassing riches of cowards. Yet they try to appear dignified. I would not dignify the vast of them with shining my shoes. I would fear theft.

So there you have it. Selfish, greedy individuals who could not hold down a job at Walmart. Yet they rule like good old Fidel or some European Monarch.
My friends if you are taken in by this bunch and I do mean all of this bunch, I suggest a wake up call is needed. Perhaps a chat with your creator regards something about golden idols. These pinheads are not to be worshiped. How did we allow it to come to this? A weakened citizenry held hostage by snake oil salespeople. They certainly insult my intelligence daily and I am angered. But I am saddened as well that so many are taken in. Just read the Top Ten list and see how well our employees are doing for themselves vs. how well the average citizen has done since the recession began. Does not seem fair to me as the troubles all began with the ruthless bargaining our leaders conducted for their favored few. And now they turn to deceit to assign blame where it does not deserve to lay.  Now we all pay the price and they yield for themselves millions. By the way I hope you notice 70% of the Top Ten come from the left side of the aisle. So much for Republicans being the party of the rich. Both parties serve their benefactors and get rich as a result. Citizens be damned. I see no difference. I just hear a different script.

And I thought they cared about you. Only from their mouths if you choose to believe. Fakery at its best is all I can say. Stop listening to them. Start paying attention to what their actions yield. That is a good start as actions always speak volumes more than words. Especially when a serpent is speaking to you. These are not leaders. They are hucksters one and all. Abraham Lincoln was a leader. Let us find a few like him.

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