Republicans Dumb, Democrats Genius. Yeah Right!

It seems my friends, every four years I am inundated with what I consider “spin”. Every Democrat running I am told, is the smartest person ever. It goes without saying that the Republican is the most stupid human imaginable. Really? Well of course it is a ridiculous assertion, but to hear the mainstream media having it’s say, well you can take it to the bank.

Smart, high IQ and or wisdom can be misleading. It can also be most subjective. To all the media spin meisters, I submit that you are not in a position to make such assertions and never have. As for me, I prefer one of wisdom any day. I know many stupid smart people. But I know nary a stupid wise man. Got it MSNBC? I keep searching for a logical or coherent statement from one of your stars, yet all I find are talking points and out of context statements being worked over to suit your agenda.

Oh yes we know Jimmy Carter had more nuance than Ronald Reagan.Or so we have been told repeatedly. I am sorry Rachel but you better take the blinders off as it is just not true. Fact: Score, Ronald Reagan huge victory, Jimmy Carter major disaster.  Of course returning to current times we hear the same refrain. Obama is the smartest human to ever live and Romney is a clown in a fancy suit. Lets see, can this be true? If I had to venture a guess I suppose I would say they are both moderately intelligent. But is intelligence what we seek in a leader? Not to me. I seek raw, experienced and a real world biography. A get the job done attitude. In other words, the IQ does not matter. The wisdom does. And on that note I see no contest. You decide for yourselves .

How would you say the VP candidates handled the debate recently? To me it appeared a draw. When you factor in the arrogant pomposity of VP buffoon er excuse me Biden, well Mr. Ryan served as the victor on points. The countless polls seem to confirm my prior statement. It is only the media and hard core leftists who saw it as a victory. If so, a pyrrhic one at that.

For it exposed the man with more gaffes to his record and some of the most ridiculous words I have ever heard. The demeaning and condescending tone were more than most reasonable people could handle. Bottom line, it was the most unbecoming scene of a VP since perhaps Spiro Agnew. The attempt to make up for the Obama loss was simply an embarrassment for all but the most partisan observer. But this is just old Joe as they tell us as a term of endearment. I think not. I see the same old Joe being his usual self and everything I expected.

But it is very easy to be a Democrat Politician and simultaneously very difficult to be a Republican Politician. You see friends, a Democrat simply has to promise goodies paid with other peoples money. Pretty simple. The Republicans are forced in to the role of being the adult and offer supervision. At least if we are not to completely bankrupt this nation. Therein lies the problem. People get used to the goodies and at the end of the day, will cheer for more of the same and the future be damned. So cheers to the demagogue.

I did get a kick out of the MSNBC stars whooping and hollering like those southern folk at a NASCAR event they so despise, at what in their minds was a decisive victory for Mr. Biden. It goes with out saying they are delusional partisans and I expected no less. I believe they enjoyed the pomposity and arrogance as they themselves are the same on a daily basis. They were looking in the mirror and liked what they saw. A vicious man willing to say anything as if that improves his position. Not very smart or Presidential to say the least. Diminish me with facts and I will concede. Blindly calling me names and perpetually smirking, well I will only call you a fool. Tis a pity this is the best this nation can muster in a time of need. Tis a bigger pity that people actually enjoy that childish behavior. And from a Vice President no less. A sense of foreboding I feel.

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2 responses to “Republicans Dumb, Democrats Genius. Yeah Right!

  1. You are right George. Isn’t funny how they conveniently overlook idiocy if it is by the favored side? If you ask me we should lean house and start over.

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