Democrats Lie, Republicans Lie. Which Is It?

Well now that the debates are done, we get down to the serious spin or lies if you will which progresses apace. Both parties claim victory and their sycophants in the media do their best to spin and continue to do the bidding of their favored candidate in hopes of altering what we have witnessed. All in all I find it disgusting. I do not need anyone to tell me what to think vis a vis what I just watched and heard. Condescending and elitist snobs that they are.

What is the average part time observer to make of this hash? I have found most swallow the spin without any hard intellectual thought. Many react emotionally or simply side with the R or D candidate they prefer. I have also found by taking time and reviewing facts, it makes it much easier to know which person is lying. As to the media pundits, they can edit a clip and make you believe anything. Watch for those charlatans. They are devious as their ideology tends to blind them and they also are somewhat delusional.

We all know politicians can bend the truth. In fact many do not know what truth means. They  tend to be self serving and likely to speak any words which might enhance their reelection. Whoppers galore as well as the notorious gaffe are ever present. As a matter of fact and not to pick on VP Biden, but just today he claimed candidate Romney is proposing a $500 TRILLION tax cut for 120,000 rich people. Funny guy that Joe.

The point is no one is perfect in spite of what Chris Matthews tries to tell you. And I am proud  to say, no politician ever made my thigh tickle. Yet it is still hard for me to believe and witness massive cheering towards a candidate that just spewed some incoherent babble and the crowd shouts as if witnessing the Beatles for the first time. Most puzzling indeed. I have only cheered one politician in my six odd decades. In fact I don’t see the appeal personally, but I defer to the sensibility of each. I suppose in my case it is just that I have not seen a true statesman in so long that anything short of that is not recognized in my eye as a leader.

Then of course we have the so called Kool Aid drinkers. They believe anything claimed by the party they tend to favor. I find this most troublesome as politicians in question know this and take advantage of ones loyalty. I find it best to distrust all, and then verify. They also have a tendency to take as gospel the words of their favored pol regardless of merit or fact and simultaneously conclude the opponent is in fact a liar. Whether he/she is or not, is not even open to debate. I find this intellectually vapid. But nonetheless I see it daily.

The bottom line is the divide and conquer mentality which exists has certainly lived up to its name and it does not matter which side you prefer. In fact just today,  I find my self embroiled in witnessing a breakup of a 40 year friendship over differences of political opinion. Absolutely zero tolerance with any one whom disagrees with your point of view. I can’t even comprehend that attitude. Sorry team. I don’t get it. Can’t we still be friends? So much venom over which side lies more and see the divisions form. Unbelievable.

My suggested remedy is to be courteous always. It does not matter how disruptive the opponent gets, just stay calm and the facts will bear out. As facts can be manipulated to serve any purpose, it is incumbent on each of us to be intellectually honest and to do a bit of homework and try to learn how to discern a statesmen from a huckster. Perhaps it is my age or the general wisdom of the ages which ultimately bring light in to focus for me. I hope the wisdom will unfold for all of you. In the mean time, stay alert and vigilant and as always keep politicians at arms length.

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10 responses to “Democrats Lie, Republicans Lie. Which Is It?

  1. Well, you are also bending the truth as the 40 year friendship is still intact. I will, however, say I can no longer bear the ignorance that is rampant out there, especially from the one in the 40 year friendship who should have known better then to send such an email which caused the last straw. This person is a perfect example of your koolaid drinking scenario. You can lead the horse to water but you can’t make him drink it, as the saying goes.

  2. Are you sure I was referring to you? It might have been another friendship at stake which was resolved. The point is missed I think. I heard terrible things, and over a simple difference of opinion.I can also say both parties are kool aid drinkers. Both minds are made up and nothing will change them. That is what I find odd. My bottom line is we can’t automatically conclude the other side is lying, just because we disagree. That is all I was trying to say. By the way I did have you on my mind.

  3. This time you offend me. It is not a simple difference of opinion. On the one hand there is a well-informed, open-minded, research oriented, person who likes to view all sides of issues and make an informed decision, that would be me.

    On the other hand you have one who reads nothing, knows nothing, very one-sided without any substance to back up opinions, one who is the type of person Romney dislikes and will hurt this person in many ways which concerns me greatly, one who uses entitlements, one who just doesn’t get it, one who drinks the kool-aid, one who’s mind is made up without giving me any facts as to why he/she feels that way.

    I happen to be very emotional and passionate person and I don’t find this to be a simple difference even though you may think of it as such. I find this difference, one in which the other party cannot state why he/she thinks the way he/she does tells me a lot about one’s character, morals, etc. and it is my decision whether or not I wish to continue a friendship with said person based on our moral differences.

    Do not categorize me as a kool aid drinker, I am not! Do not say my mind cannot be changed because it can, I am open to all points of view. Lastly, to me this is not a simple difference, it is one I feel very strongly about because it tells me a lot about the person I consider to be a friend

  4. I am a well informed and researched person and do not form opinions lightly. And I would never presume to name anyone ignorant as you stated many people are. We do not have that knowledge at our disposal. We might think we do based on actions, but it is not for us to decide who is ignorant.If you refer to me, you would be wrong. I have changed my death penalty vote after many years of leaning in one direction. So I drink nothing and do form my own opinion based on hard research and not politicians of both side spreading their vapid speeches. I do my homework. I trust none of them.
    You can have any friend your heart desires. and I was not referring to you. I was referring to countless people I know that are just plain stubborn and will not listen to any facts beyond what they know or think they know. Example, Obama policies have hurt the lower class at the expense of the rest. Yet according to polls, they will still vote for him. I have to ask why? He gave no benefit to them.
    As to kool aid, I did not state any thing to the effect that you drink it,Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. It is not my call.
    And humans all have a difference in opinion and that is swell. But a difference in facts is another thing. Best regards.

  5. What I wrote above has nothing to do with your intelligence. What I wrote had to do with your comments about how you think of me, so take another read at your first post and then read mine above again because I really don’t understand why you wrote what you wrote above. Regards to you as well.

  6. You took the approach that I attacked you as uninformed, unintelligent, koolaid drinking person when in fact that is what you said about me. I was replying to your attacks on me and somehow you turned it into me attacking you. Also what might be simple difference of opinion to you may mean more to me. And everyone has knowledge at their disposal should they choose to gain knowledge,however,it may not be nice to call someone ignorant but I have the right to do so. I believe it’s the Tea Party that goes on and on about the forefathers and the constitution and the “freedom of speech” amendment, is it not?

  7. I was not referring to you specifically in the original column. I was using the events of that day as a metaphor which is a reality for many people and the massive division in the country and how everyone views things so differently. Nothing wrong with that as I was just raising a question and used an example. As to my follow on comments I was just responding to your points. And I did assume you targeted me in some of the language.Sorry.

  8. I don’t know why you think I attacked you. I was attacking the lack of civility in society and the close minededness of the masses. It was nothing personal towards you.
    And yes I did think you put me in the category with the others for which I apologized.
    As to the first amendment, damn straight. say what you want anytime. It is our best amendment.

  9. Well my comment was referencing myself and the friend in said dispute, nothing about you or anyone else.
    My response to the lower class still voting for Obama, logic tells me it’s because they see their plight worse off with Romney.

    • Fair enough. That particular dispute however is rampant and that is what I would like to see end. To each his own I suppose.
      Your logic point might be right, but I don’t see how unemployment rates for 15-45% in certain groups can get much worse. As for my desperate case, I am willing to try anything new. Hope for the best either way.

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