Has Obama Earned Our Votes?

That is a great question. His true believers will shout yes from the rooftops. Those not so enamored by the gentlemen will spray raspberries. Let us look at a few statistics and try to stay objective. As for my opinion, I will just state a few facts and figures and let you decide. I will attempt to be objective and stay with the facts. However my Libertarian bend might surface.

To begin, I will cede the point that economically we had some major issues of which the largest was the home market debacle which triggered an avalanche across the world. The blame lies with most and probably all our leaders of the last 30 years for this doozie. It was not a Bush thing truth be told as we so widely hear. As a 30 year mortgage veteran, I know of which I speak. So the house of cards collapsed and it was time to rebuild. Hope and change implied that all would be healed by various forms of government intervention. As those who study economics are aware, the free market heals it’s excesses better than any intervention can. Too bad we did not allow the markets to clear properly. We would have been the better for it.

So the promises to heal have been accompanied by the same old liberal playbook such as infrastructure spending and more teachers etc. Unfortunately the 2000 shovel ready projects VP Biden promised did not exist let alone materialize. The trillion dollar stimulus went mostly to states and favored constituents meaning it did nothing for the many and something for the few. Result is unemployment is far higher than it should or could have been. Federal spending has also rocketed by $1 trillion dollar each and every year since Obama took office.

Poverty is up. Food stamp usage is up. Oil prices have more than doubled. Job growth is anemic at best and offset by continued weekly layoffs. GDP is stagnant but moderately positive yet having dropped for three straight years. I can hear you screaming “but stocks are up”. Of course they are as the fed has pumped trillions in to the financial system and stocks are where the better returns are historically. As you most likely know, none of the above is beneficial to the lower and middle income category. The 1% however have benefited greatly. What a paradox and does this record deserve your vote?

Well we have stimulus, Obamacare, massive spending and more new regulations than any time in our history. Yet when Ronald Reagan took office he inherited a larger economic mess than Obama. He got us out of it in less than two years by allowing we the people to take control. I wish the last four years went the same way. As one who is in business I can assure you the massive regulation ie. Dodd-Frank, are devastating. Further more worrisome is that they end up harming those most in need. But capitalism has unique properties and the ingenious citizens of this nation usually find a way to work around our problems and eventually we re emerge.

To foreign policy. This Libyan problem breaks my heart. An absolute tragedy which was avoidable. The middle east is problematic and Putin is trying to take over again. I maintain foreign policy to be very suspect at this point. Israel and Iran on a powder keg. No healing.

But for me, the worst part of the President is his arrogance and apparent aloofness in dealing with dead soldiers and Ambassadors. Be true if you saw him on the John Stewart show. Even John was shocked. Truly chilling. The man seems to always have time for parties and golf. But word is he has not spoken to security advisers in months. Is he AWOL? Looks it to me. His presidency seems a four year campaign. Reports from his inner circle confirm this and many dare not speak of opposing policy ideas or incur his wrath.His prime constituents seem to be the most harmed under his policies. They love him none the less. Very well. I personally find it hard to detect any leadership skills whatsoever. Great at the blame game. Unseemly. That is my opinion and I wear no ideological blinders. It is what I see.

So now we have the sad tragedy of a 100 year storm. And he said no agency should let any rules or regulations block the clean up. If only he said that the day he took office. We might be growing at 5% and creating 500,000 jobs a month which is what we need. He obviously knows over regulation is a negative for growth as he just gave the go ahead for same today. Four years too late? We will know next Tuesday.

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3 responses to “Has Obama Earned Our Votes?

  1. You say you are not biased. You say they are all bad, they all lie, you do not favor one over the other, however, all your blogs favor one over the other. I have yet to read any positives on the other side in any of your blogs, regardless of the fact there are positives to be stated.
    Regarding the vote give me reasons why Romney deserves my vote. To date this is what I know of him:
    1. He made and is making his money at the expense of the American middle class whom he seems to not give a damn about.
    2. He is a compulsive liar and he doesn’t seem to give a damn about that either. As long as he says what his audience wants to hear it’s o.k. if it get’s him elected.
    3. He stands for nothing or if he does stand for something we don’t know what because he has flip flopped on every single issue, again, depending on what he needs to say to get elected.
    4. He is smart in business only in his type of business which is leverage buyouts, bankrupting companies, firing people, getting rid of pensions, and he is KING OF OUTSOURCING (currently happening to Sensata employees in Illinois). Otherwise I find him to be very DUMB.
    5. He is beholding to the likes of the Koch Brothers and their agenda of “people be damned”, “get rid of all EPA regulation, if we kill the commoners they don’t matter as long as we make more money”, “safe environment be damned”, etc.
    6. He is beholding to Norquist, “all we need is a President with digits to sign our policies determined by the Tea Party Congress”, “we don’t need a President who thinks”.
    7. He won’t answer questions regarding how he will pay for his tax cuts resulting in the math really doesn’t work. He hasn’t answered any questions from reporters over the last 23 days, how is that right?
    8. He is for Paul Ryan’s plan in which case God help us all. Medicare, social security are at stake and the sad thing is social security is not broke, Congress needs to pay the people back the money they stole from us.
    8. Foreign affairs very scary as he knows nothing.
    9. He reminds me of a jittery kid who is used to getting whatever he wants and he better or else watch out.
    10. He has the most stupid look on his face after he completes a sentance.
    11. He is a “job destroyer” not a “job creator”. If he creates jobs I feel they will be low paying, no benefit jobs.
    12. He wants to privatize everything which is not a good idea, look at what happened with prisons that were privatized. Some things should not be privatized. They become greedy corporate ceo’s only concerned about their wallets.
    13. He has done lots of shady unethical and immoral things in business. There is a new lawsuit regarding what he did as major stockholder in Delphi Corp. Why should I think he won’t treat the country and it’s people the same? Give me some reasons to vote for him.
    14. He was not bipartisan in Mass. He vetoed over 800 bills. He turned a public elevator into his own private elevator so as not to be in the presence of the Dem’s. Lot’s of people left the state due to unemployment. He raised taxes by putting tons and tons of fees into place for anything and everything imagineable. My understanding is the people of Mass. hate him.
    15. He used federal aid as Governor and also when he bankrupted Bain.
    16. I view him as a very nasty, immoral, unethical man who only cares for his own self.

  2. Correction in order. Have you seen any pro Romney or other Republican in my writing? No you have not except of course for Mr. Reagan. But no one else.
    1) He made his money buying money losing troubled business and saving them. Do you know what is in his heart when you say he does not care.
    2) A liar. Prove it.
    3) Kind of like Obama.
    4) You are wrong about his business. But if I had to guess, I think I am smarter than both. Obama is no genius mind you.
    5) Enough of the Koch bros. They do not have the power you think. I assume romney wants his family to sniff dirty air as well.
    6) Ha Ha, Talking points with no merit.
    7) He answered it several times. Economically speaking tax cuts pay for themselves. Put 25 million more people back to work as we need, and they all pay taxes. We learned this from JFK and it works everywhere it is tried.
    8) Probably more knowledge on foreign issues than Barry had. And that is a fact.Barry was a community organizer. Look what he did to his Chicago district let alone Iran9) sounds like Barry.
    9) So what.
    10) Just like Barry huh? Low paying jobs is all he created. How can you be so sure Romney will not allow us to excel. He did not destroy jobs, he saved many.
    12) congress will not authorize privitization although I would love it.
    13)Business is risky. You can’t always do the exact right thing. and of course do to his name, frivolous law suits follow. Does not make him guilty.
    Vote for him because he is better bet than the alternative. O is just having fun and not taking anything seriously.His policies stifle growth and job creation is anemic. I can’t take four more years of this. time to fire the coach.
    14) I can’t speak to Mass and if they like him or not. But it is part of the job to veto stupid policy .
    All governors use federal aid. That is because the states send money to DC, DC siphons off blood money and sends back a pittance. Most common. Last I checked Bain is thriving.
    15) I view Obama the same way with a healthy dose of arrogance to boot.

  3. I object to your correction. You may not have used names but you’ve made it crystal clear you are no fan of Obama and all your blogs are against the Democrats and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see which side of the two main sides you prefer. I know you will say you’re independent, libertarian whatever but when it comes down to choosing sides you choose the right, and that’s exactly what I was stating when I said your blogs are right sided not equal opportunity blogs.

    At any rate I disagree with all your responses to my data on Romney. Not all the business’ he bought and screwed were on their way out and he destroyed more then he saved and became rich doing so by putting little money down, borrowing the rest which became the company’s debt, paid himself his multi million dollar bonus, and bankrupt the companym not giving a damn about the people he displaced.

    His flip flopping on every single issue proves he lies. He says what he feels he needs to say to win the election. Truly I don’t know what he stands for or what he will do in office but I’m pretty sure he’ll take the tea party policy. You can’t say one thing and the next day say the opposite and not be lying, it’s one or the other. He and you and I know the Italian who bought Chrysler has turned the company around, this is what I call turning a company around not what Romney does. We all know he’s lying about Jeep outsourcing to China. Yes they may build jeeps in China due to demand for jeeps in China, but we all know they are not outsourcing the American jobs, if you don’t believe me the CEO of Chrysler said so in a statement. If anything they may build jeeps in China for sale in China. He is not a car man like he claims, he wanted to bankrupt them and not bail them out and the industry would not even exist today, another lie, he has too many to state, it makes me dizzy. What he did to GM is disgraceful and doesn not show compassion or that he’s a car man. Buying majority stake in Delphi which manufactures auto parts at .67 a share when things were bad, (now it’s around $36 I think) but that’s not the bad part, once GM got their bailout he started charging them a much much higher price then their contract stated. I know your response will be he was doing what he needed to do for his own company but no I don’t buy that, not from a “car man”.

    If he weren’t lying about standing up for American jobs then why doesn’t he do so right now and save the 170 Sensata jobs in Illinois? They have been begging him for help. Did you know they brought the Chinese out here to be trained by the people losing the jobs and while the Chinese were here they removed the American flag from the building? Don’t say he’s not involved with Bain now because he is, he is the major stockholder and he even said in an interview once blind trust doesn’t mean anything, you tell them what to do with your money.

    I don’t take the Koch Bros or Norquist or these super wealthy super pac people and the power they have because of their money lightly and neither should you unless you’re on their side. Their money buys lots of votes and people and power. In my mind tea party people are insane, inhuman, immoral, unethical and will destroy the USA.

    Truth be told I turned my mail in ballot a long time ago. My mind will not be changed nor will yours, however, I was open-minded towards Romney but alas, I don’t trust him, I don’t believe him, I don’t feel he cares about the middle class or lower class or any class for that matter except for his class. I cannot see him as Comander in Chief, I see him as a spoiled, lying, rich guy who just wants to be President because he just wants to not because he cares or he can fix things, I only see things getting worse with him and don’t even let me get started on Paul Ryan.

    Oh yea, Bain may be doing fine now but several years ago, through his connections, he managed to get them a 10 million dollar bailout when they were on the verge of bankruptcy. Sounds somewhat shady to me.

    I didn’t address all your responses, however, Obama worked in finance before he became a community organizer which I think was good preparation for job of President. I’m still reading his book but it was good prep for President. After law school he was sought after but he chose to represent the under-represented, shows what kind of a man he is.

    Happy voting day to you.

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