“Tax The Rich,Till There Are Rich No More”.

For those old enough to remember the legendary rock group Ten Years After, the title should bring back fond memories. In fact it is some of the best guitar music ever. But we move on to more pressing issues ie “Fiscal Cliff” nonsense. “Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are rich no more” is the actual altruistic lyrics of the song. And the band indeed had good intentions. I love them.

The only problem is, does it work economically speaking? To that I answer a clear NO. All you have to do is look at Europe or for that matter the high tax States such as California or New Jersey. People of means are fleeing these locales in droves. Most prominently is France. President Hollande is hitting the well to do with a 75% rate. They are all moving. Who would think such a thing would happen? Likely most of us excepting the stupid politicians who enrich themselves on the backs of our sweat all around the world. Fools they be.

Who loses on this hike? Certainly not the rich. They can afford tax shelters you and I can’t. It will not hurt the Kennedy’s with their convoluted offshore family trusts. It will not hurt the gigolo Senator John Kerry, who moves his assets state to state to avoid taxation.

Or how about “lets tax the rich more” mavens such as Warren Buffett. Are you kidding me? He just bought back well over $1 billion in stock from a large shareholder who will save an estimated $150 million. How compassionate Warren. How hypocritical if you ask me.

Or perhaps you have heard of Google. Eric Schmidt is the CEO and an Obamamaniac. Rumors circulate he will be presented with a cabinet post for all the contributions he has made. Yet this man spoke of avoiding taxes as patriotic in support of the shenanigans his company utilizes to evade tax. What a phony. Another liberal who says, “sock it to them, but not me”.

Who loses? All of us. Deceit, hypocrisy and class warfare engender a vicious cycle of envy amongst the masses. As always, I find envy repugnant and easy for me to see why it is considered a deadly sin. Down right ugly.

Don’t get me wrong. I am no rich fat cat. But why should we punish success? As mentioned by me before, you can confiscate all the wealth of the top 5% of the wealthy. Have at it. The result is you have funded the government for about six months. Then where do they go? After the 95%. It is a lose lose proposition designed to prey on peoples heartstrings and envy button. A clever ruse nonetheless by the pols. They know who butters their wallet. And if we only hike taxes as is currently being proposed, by all accounts the potential net gain is $80 billion per year. Now what good does that do on a $1.5 trillion deficit. Squat! The numbers do not lie and they do not add up.

At the end of the day, you raise taxes on a rich guy. What or how does that change my circumstances? No one iota. I am screwed either way inheriting a bigger portion of the national debt. I do not get envious over more successful people. I applaud them. Mind you not the crooks but the honest hardworking people who have been elevated by a product or service worthy of demand by the masses. Leave them and us alone.

So in sum, all those advocating tax hikes are for the most part liberal. And truth be told more liberals are wealthy than republicans. But it doesn’t really matter to those who want to “soak the rich”. Their minds are being polluted by drivel from carnival barkers disguised as statesmen. And believe me, I apologize to all the honest carnival barkers out there.

There is clearly only one solution. As we are all equal in the eyes of justice, we should be equal at tax time as well. I propose no income tax and love the idea of a national sales tax in its stead. Talk about an ensuing economic boom. That is exactly what one will see. But we are told it is “regressive to the poor”. So is the cigarette tax hike Obama implemented his first week in office. Or the high gas taxes. These tend to hit the poor far more but I do not hear a peep from the compassionate set. Of course a tax credit can be issued for lower wage earners even with the national tax. But alas we are not soon to see such common sense and good for all policies out of the vipers in D.C. But one can hope. Merry Christmas.

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2 responses to ““Tax The Rich,Till There Are Rich No More”.

  1. This is just like back when the American revolution started…i.e. this is like another Obama= King George of Britain. This is so daunting why can’t politicians get their head out of you know what. Oh yes I forgot they have retirement pensions and these so called “government expenses” what a crock. No wonder people are moving. maybe I can get dual citizenship in Canada? something to ponder? 🙂
    This is another 4 years of hell. Makes this statement very true “the more you make the more they take” our economy is still in recession trying to recover, why can’t we all be taxed equally. Most of our wealthieast people don’t even live here and I don’t blame them.
    -I have a recommendation political officials should not get government retirements after 4 years or 6 years. It should be like the military 20+. Treat it as a regular job make them contribute to their on 401k. What a bunch of bastards, stealing from the poor. Something has to be done…It cannot be like this for the next 4 years. HMmm….in the chinese zodiac culture; 2013 happens to be the year of “the snake” …coincidence!?!

    • Well put my Greek comrade. I like your use of the term “snake”. I am fond of carnie and huckster when describing the pond scum which rules our great nation. Merry christmas.

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