Who Decides What Fair share Is?

So they did it to us again. “Once more into the breach” if you will. At the eleventh hour our so called leaders rammed through more pork laden lunacy disguised as a fair budget deal. It seems every year we avert disaster by these wise souls. What a laugh! These suntan spray salesmen are absolutely worthless if you ask many.

And now, they are running the victory lap and they, being primarily on the left side of the aisle. Hoorah! We are soaking the millionaires and billionaires. Happy days are here again. Just more political theater of the lowest order.

If memory serves, aren’t we all to be treated equally in the eyes of Lady Liberty? What is up with creating this deep division over this nation amongst the different levels of income earned. I personally find it despicable. Equal is equal. No PHD needed to decipher that.

The irony is that many of this administration’s most  loyal supporters are being unduly punished in the job market over these inane policies and the unforeseen consequences therein. I say inane as the policies are not well thought out and provide little to no relief to the symptoms affecting this country. What makes Washington convince its inhabitant’s that they are omniscient? Must be the water or better still the royal treatment these poobahs receive. We know “power corrupts absolutely” and Lord Acton was dead on and ahead of his time and of course most wise in revealing this observation.

The so called rich are in my opinion, paying way more than they should. Witness the accompanying IRS chart for confirmation and I would suspect, only an unreasonable person might object. Numbers do not lie. I am of the mindset which presupposes equality for all. Extrapolate this sentiment and it yields “we all pay the same rate”. Simple concept but pollution circulates and inculcates the minds of many which proceed to get whipped into a frenzy of envy and jealously. Just a few deadly sins.

As stated here before, these rich do not have anywhere near the money in total assets to cover one year’s worth of deficits. Is it any surprise to anyone that not one cent in cuts was imposed? Spending is where the problem lies, but our leaders punted. Heaven forbid we cut 100 year old and wasteful “programs”. Cowards all.

A complicit and deceitful media whom some describe as stenographers to the administration, clouded any counter points and sold the bad policy implemented. They should be deemed as naive or foolish and likely both. Simply blinded by ideology perhaps?
No one wins in this fight and if you see your first check today as many  have with whom I have spoken with, these middle class people are fuming. They thought it was just the rich. They got screwed. All of us did. And yet President Barry jetted off to Hawaii for more snow cones. Lucky guy. He should have spent a few hours working as the Senate and Congress both need a leader. It was supposed to be him, yet all he cared for is a soak the rich tax hike. Well he took his eye off the ball as it is the masses who will be soaked. The estimated revenue from the rich again is $60 billion a year. Assuming they do not change their financial strategies. Hardly worth the effort when the deficit is $1.5 trillion a year.

So what was the point. I think it is clear the point is to divide us and not unite us. This insures many votes. As for those in Washington, the hope for more of our money so they can buy a permanent majority. Happy New Year and God Bless the United States. We sure can use him about now.

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2 responses to “Who Decides What Fair share Is?

  1. your last sentence sums it all up…He IS the only answer, because our employees refuse to do their job. And firing them has proven to be next to impossible.

    • I concur George. Only one Messiah, not two. But of course we always knew this. However Messiah #2 still has them swooning and they will not give up the perks. Bummer.

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