The Nobel Peace Prize For Drone Strikes Goes To?

Well of course the winner is President Obama. How ironic? But well deserved in my opinion. It just shows how negligent the Nobel committee has become in the past generation. They bestowed an award based on some unknown promise which was perceived in their pea brains. They were hoping or at minimum, bought what our media was peddling us in 2008 and has proven to be nothing more than hyperbole. Historically speaking, such an honor is awarded based on remarkable achievement and rightly so.

Well last I checked on the current events in the Middle East, the Nobel brainiacs picked the wrong guy. At least their intentions were honorable. And isn’t that after all, what matters? Not to me as I prefer actions to words. It is not so widely reported that President Obama has out droned President Bush by a factor of four.
Simply incredible and I thank him for it. I do however regret the massive amount of collateral damage imposed by Mr. President. The few reports available suggest hundreds of innocents being killed in these strikes, children included.

Most unfortunate that. But perhaps it is better than pouring water down the gullets of three world known terrorists? Well if you listen to the Presidents supporters and 95% of the media, a little water is worse than innocent lives incinerated. The world is indeed upside down. At least if your perspective is from the left. At least that is the impression I get and have no choice but to conclude is the feelings of the left. Deafly silent on the issue wouldn’t you say? Tells me lots. It is indeed inconsistent, and also true.

The President received the award while campaigning as the anti-Bush. He promised to sit with the leaders of the Middle East and terrorist communities and bring peace. He promised to close Guantanamo Bay prison on day one of his administration. In the end, the results are the same as Michael Moore promising to drop five pounds. Empty words.

So the media and protestors who clobbered President Bush for too much water for KSM, and on a daily basis ravaged him for about five years, can’t muster the courage to do the same to the current President. Why do you think that is? It certainly is not how they were taught in the elite journalism schools. More likely it was the ideology in which they were propagandized and or brainwashed in these same institutions of higher learning. They should be ashamed one and all.

Do not the President’s supporters feel betrayed by these broken promises? I think the answer is clear. They don’t. They either don’t care, and in which case they should allow a little slack to President Bush and most assuredly an apology, or they are simply ideological blind to real world events. As the saying goes,” you can’t have it both ways”.

I personally commend the President for doing a job which was imposed on us and not declared by us. Believe me, I like peace as much as the next human. Most of the chaos is such a sad waste. Syria is now up too 70,000 dead. Shocking news. Yet the violence continues. And the President has a responsibility to protect us from foreign foes. So keep it up sir.

But let’s be fair my friends and view the goings on equally. If you disliked Bush’s policies enough to demand investigations and form protests, is it not intellectually honest to do the same with President Obama? Logic insists on this. But in the mean time do not hold your breath and await this logic as you will never see it. You will not read front page news for the next three years working over President Obama for collateral damage done by the drones. In the mean time Mr. President, drone on and I don’t mean with words.

Article first appeared on Technorati.


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