Sequester This! And Please Stop The Childish Whining!

One would not be wrong to observe the goings on by our leaders and consider one was watching a junior high school debate. In fact I personally think we are insulting fine young junior high students by comparison. They can do better. This annual charade is getting loathsome as we passed tiresome two years ago. What a bunch of pinheads claiming to represent our well being. I would laugh if it were not such a serious issue.

Yes these pre programmed and so called “leaders” are anything but. Leaders tend to lead. Our “leaders” tend to whine. Phonies one and all if you ask me. And believe me I am going soft today as children are present. Oh yes, we must not forget the children as they will indeed inherit $20 Trillion + in debt to pay off for our greedy little selfishness. If people will only look at what we are doing to our kids, perhaps they might have a change of heart. Then again I am most forgiving and likely wrong. Human greed is a powerful vice. “Thou shall not gore my ox”. Get it from someone else. What a disgrace our “leaders” have brought us to this point.

Food for thought. This years budget is to be $3.8 trillion. This breaks down to over $12,000.00 per man, woman and child in this fine country. Are you kidding me? That is one hell of a lot of money. Why don’t they just send us all a check in that amount. Just think what that would do for your family. Are you beginning to fathom the monstrous sums we are dealing with?

Cashaggeddon. This is truly unsustainable my friends. The truly sad part of this is our “leaders” are borrowing .40 cents of each dollar spent. Try running your household or business in this fashion. I am sure it would not work out satisfactorily for you. In fact calling this insanity is redundant in the extreme. Yet the people cry “don’t take my benes”. Whose fault is it? I blame the politicians who have hooked us all on the public teet as a pusher would hook me on magic mushrooms. At the end of the day it is not sustainable and I cry out, “bring on sequester“. But not the sequester we are hearing about. After all, they are “hacking” perhaps $50 billion from the budget. Ouch!. I think not as we still will be a trillion or so in the red.

So we are witness to political maneuvering and hyperbole designed to get you to think as they do in D.C. which is a cesspool of inanity and sheer stupidity. Not to mention cowardice of the first order. These dupes are worthy of Oscar nominations for the show they put on. Albeit a bomb of a flick.

Who gets hurt and who wins? All of us and none of us. It can be best summed up as a tragedy of Greek legend. Don’t get me wrong, we are still a great and prosperous nation. I believe this is all about carving us up and dividing us in to factions and at each others throats. Only the politicians win in that game. The ramifications of minimal spending cuts is projected to cause calamities the likes of which only Satan would be proud. That is if you believe what they are selling us. I don’t buy it for a moment.

As always, my take is throw all the vermin out. I find nary a pair of stones in that whole town. But of this you can be sure, the politicians wealth will not diminish one iota as we all hold out our beggars cup. Or should I say at some point in the future our children will be holding that empty cup. In the mean time, enjoy your perks while they are still available.

If I were on the budget committee, you would see some real cuts. Not the peanuts these snakes are spouting endlessly about and will have no impact whatsoever. Real cuts might hurt short term, but yield riches long term. Stand up for what is right. As JFK said, “ask not….

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