Here’s To The New Form Of Liberalism. Not!

I recall a time not so long ago, when we could discuss issues and topics of the day and have a genuine difference of opinion with most people still shaking hands and being comfortable with one another. You were not viewed as an enemy combatant if you said red and I said blue.

How times have changed. Witness the thrashing of former Godfather of Investigative Journalism, Bob Woodward. He of Watergate fame and a style of journalism long since passed. Also an investigative style not seen for quite some time, which has fomented into what one can call “advocacy journalism”. Another way of looking at it is the editorial page has gone to the front page. We are void of true journalism today if I am to be asked. I believe if you asked most people, they would reply that journalist are to report the news. Not inject an opinion or form of spin to achieve a goal of fulfilling a personal agenda.

In fact, speech was viewed so importantly by our Founder’s, that it is the preeminent amendment we have. There was a time when a so called “liberal”, was thought to be one of tolerance and acceptance of thoughts and ideas both believed and not. Tolerance? Good luck with that one. The media, academia and pop culture are now so skewed to one side, that the ship is about to tip over.

Back to Mr. Woodward. He is being punished and the vile commentary headed in his direction is indeed appalling. And why? Admittedly, he skewered a sacred cow. That being the current administration. His commentary about poor policy choices by the President, have literally had him banished for life. “Liar, damn liar and we hope he dies”. These are just a few of the no doubt nasty remarks you may have heard to date. And these are from journalists in the same club as Mr. Woodward. Warning to journalism majors, don’t step out of line or have an original thought. Your career will go down in flames quickly.

Free speech? Attacked by fellow journalist’s? How banal. But here it is folks and this is where we are. Fascism is in! At least in the aforementioned pop culture and especially academe. Does it surprise anyone that our highest institution of thought, Harvard University has an editorial warning any of the conservative mindset to avoid matriculating to it’s hallowed grounds. How disgusting. Or the now well known professor who has banned any news in class, if it was retrieved via Fox News. What the hell is this? Sounds fascistic to me.

And of course the threats from the White House staff heading towards Mr. Woodward. Most are being walked back as the press has not been good on the administration. But their are many more. Recall Sheryl Attkison of CBS News. She was called every name in the book and also threatened over a less than slobbering piece on the administration over the Fast and Furious debacle. Many others are beginning to come forth with a preponderance of them being women. It appears this administration deems it acceptable to call a women the dreaded “C” word. It must be common parlance in the big house. Yet I hear no outrage from the NOW group over this. Surprise surprise.

You go along to get along. Or you will be banished and have your career placed in jeopardy. Sounds like a tougher version of the Nixon enemies list. Or as I prefer to call it, intimidation of the highest order. We should all be outraged. And for the yellow bellies defending the administration I say shame on you all.
Being blinded by ideology seems to be some form of mental disorder. People will throw away all principles on it’s behalf. As too the professional journalists, seeing Woodward and Attkison attacked in such a fashion should wake you up. Unless your agenda is other than to provide news. Busted!

Fascism may be a hard word, but I am gratified for the free speech this nation affords.I am sickened by the thugs and closed minded ideologues who seek to ban this. That is unless you see the world through the same lens as they. No lesser a person than a President Clinton insider, Lanny Davis is suffering from the same arrows. Poor guy said the wrong thing and was himself threatened vigorously.

Too all you second rate bullies and PC thought policemen, I say a big SHUT UP and GROW UP. Take some time off and try to find your tolerance quotient.

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2 responses to “Here’s To The New Form Of Liberalism. Not!

  1. Well said, Leo. Unfortunately, since the sheep have removed the Good Shepherd from His place, we cannot and should not expect anything different. It is now becoming an embarrassment to say “I am an American”, and possibly more dangerous to do so than ever before.


  2. Thanks George. Yes the hypocrisy is blatant and the people continue to sleep through it. Some day perhaps they will arise. Recall events were similar when Jimmy Carter was in office. Of course his successor placed us on the right path. Must stay optimistic brother.

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