Happy Easter or Happy Evolution? Perhaps Both?

It is the notorious time of year when we are being told to hide our bunny rabbits. Oh the fear, the scandal. I suppose as a believer in creation, I should say hide your inaccurate instruments that go back in time 15 billion years. Just guessing no doubt to fulfill a wish I must surmise. Who is going to ask for proof? Shear speculation? Get the point?

Why not both? Perhaps our creator had evolution in mind for us humans? We are after all taller than two thousand years ago and by a wide margin. My Spartan ancestors were huge warriors yet they averaged 5’8″ tall some 2500 years ago. As too emerging from pond scum, and what I have learned by studying Biology 101, I am certain we did not evolve from nothing. Death never yields life. Look it up. We did not come from a slimy soup. It is scientifically an impossibility. Someone or something, had to turn our juice on.

No lesser brain powers than Sir Issac Newton and countless other scientist’s over the ages have simply stated “the universe has too many coincidences which align to give us life on this planet”, that the odds are infinitesimal that it came from no less than a brilliant creator. Alter some universal laws by minute amounts and we all die instantly. My friends, I will take their word for it as they are far smarter than I. Having said that, the persecution of Christians continues unabated around the globe. It seems to be open season. As to the home front here, just the usual silliness about bunny rabbits offending someone with ultra thin skin. Or the standard pablum, “don’t thrust your beliefs on us”. Well I would not even consider such a thing. How about you try not to thrust your non belief on me? I say we have a deal. I have not heard word one from any religious leaders of converting this nation in to a theocracy, which is not Constitutional anyway.

But what is there to fear? After all, Jesus preached love one another. Well I suppose we can’t have that. Talk about reactionary. No wonder he scares so many. I must therefore conclude they prefer hate. As a matter of fact, based on the attacks leveled at me as not buying in to Darwinism, I am certain hate is foremost on the minds of said attackers. The debate ends shortly with blather about how stupid I may be. Well as mentioned before I have studied the sciences as well as the good book. In my opinion they co-exist very nicely. I do not see one or the other. So don’t shove your hate down my throat and I will not infringe on your right to believe in the tooth fairy. After all, the Bible clearly references the existence of dinosaurs. They just went under different names, but I  can’t recall any animal with a tail the size of a 50 Ft. oak tree. You think?

And of course the debate on the old vs new testaments rage. Noted atheist Christoper Hitchens always mentioned the evil and jealous higher power of the old, before the new covenant came in to being . RIP Christopher, I enjoyed you all the same. The new testament changed the history forever more. This is the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf. I say thank you. You can say what you want. I also think it makes so much more sense than the Darwinian theory. Think about it and let me know.

It is not a good thing for Darwinist to claim acolytes along the lines of Hitler, Hagel and Stalin or Mao, if by choice or not. Yet they have no choice as they were all avowed atheists.  Die hard supporters of evolution and the most brutally thuggish murderers man has ever known. Before you say it, I am aware of religion over the centuries and certain atrocities. But to this I say Jesus and religion are not one in the same. But I have no doubt the atheists win the war of murder. And typically these thugs had one thing in common, a love of the State and State power. Love vs Power. I will take the words of Jesus any day.

The Big Bang was from my opinion an intelligent designer sneezing. Yes I believe God had the sniffles that day. You can certainly disagree on religion, as do I in many cases, but the science is favoring God these days. After all, what possible harm can come to you from practicing from the advice and words of Jesus? As Blaise Pascal, the brilliant mathematician and philosopher stated in the now famous, “Pascals Wager” in the 17th century, “we spend so much time debating God vs. No god, what have you got to lose?” Of course I paraphrased his brilliant words. Happy Easter.


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