Civil Discourse Today, Hard to Imagine this is Not A Dream.

It is beyond obvious to all, that our political system is now for all appearances,  beyond repair. This has been years in the making and I do honestly believe, it was a planned event by perhaps one or both political parties to divide and destroy the fabric of our once great society.

And who has gained from this diabolical plan?  Of course these same politicians.  They are doing quite nicely thanks very much.  Enriching themselves on a daily basis while putting on a show for their respective constituents worthy of a WWE cage match.  But in the cloak room, they know it is a show for our benefit.  But we do not benefit, in fact, we are verging on self destruction, with citizens at each others throat and in the faces of those whom hold a different belief or philosophy. Friends turning in to enemies. Over politics?  Ridiculous.

The Game goes to work on Lesnar's injured leg.

Look at the violence, the protesters, the, Lord help them “snowflakes”. Seriously, it is time to toughen up some my friends.  We did not evolve in to a super nation by whining and taking offense at every little perceived slight or word.  Get over it!  Have a laugh! Whatever it takes to move on and stop all of this nauseating complaining we hear most all of each day.  I find it most tiresome and quite the bother.  I am sure we have better ways to occupy our time besides looking for a reasons to be offended by what most logical and/or rational minds would consider minutiae.


Truly a sad state of affairs.  The daily banter bordering on deranged and  banalities added with doses of conspiracy chat by the so called experts and the vile and venomous dialogue voiced by the television pundits, requires a brick through the tube. Nothing less. Who are these people?  Blind ideologues, paid hacks?  Likely both, yet I find most of them incomprehensible and of course their verbiage is full of speculation and projection. They simply do not make sense, excepting perhaps to a like minded provocateur on the panel as they applaud each other for their respective genius for pointing out to us benighted ones, what we are to ignorant to glean.  Truth be told, they do not have an iota of common sense these self proclaimed paragons from mensa.

So we have a new President which a portion of the populace despises. So what?  I  have no love for several prior President’s, many who were incompetent  as are the majority of all Congresspersons  ever serving or better yet being served. Inept is probably a fine word choice for most in Congress, yet buffoon seems to fit the bill for many as well. It is evident they are a class of self serving monarchs reigning over their little fiefdoms. The sad fact is, they must still kiss the ring of the party leaders, whom they are truly beholden to, not we, their true constituents as intended.  Watching Congress can truly clog one’s mind. But such is life.

Best to go about your business, tend to the family and have a little fun. We are better than those in D.C. Don’t allow these people to subsume you. We are all to valuable to be their pawns, however, we seem to be playing in to their hands so facilely.  How can I tell?  Easy, look at the division’s we face in the U.S. today. Do any of you see a path for reconciliation? That is a high task indeed. It is certainly not visible on the horizon, but one can hope. Godspeed to the idea.

True leaders unite, losers divide. Do we have any leaders anymore?


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