About 300 Spartans + 1

As one who shares the Spartan heritage, I am proud to include them in my title.  They where at the forefront of freedom and democracy and fought for it with their lives.  This column is for those inclined to freedom of all types and is bent towards finance, geopolitics and perhaps a little education and humor mixed in as  well.

You might also find additional columns by the author at Technorati.com under the name Leo Vouchilas.


2 responses to “About 300 Spartans + 1

  1. Wow, so surprised to find out you’re Greek. The way you write I thought you were a first-generation American kid born to Cuban political-exile parents. Like me.

    My Dad is from Santa Clara, the town where Che is now buried, and talked to Che on the front porch of his house back in the day. He says Che was intelligent but ultimately, a piece of shit communist. My Dad was a young engineering student and was offered free tuition if he’d join the communist party at Univ. de SC but my father refused. God bless him. He came to the US and joined the Air Force because he believed Kennedy would send American troops to oust the marxists planted 90 miles off the US coast. Then Kennedy, on the advice of his equally philandering brother, RFK, backed out at the last minute and left all the Cuban exile fighters who were on their way to Cuba to be taken prisoner and assassinated. This is one reason why Ethel Kennedy just blocked the release of RFK’s papers; because she knows negative information about her late husband regarding BOP is in there.

    I’m now 42 y.o., born and raised in Miami, and have never seen my parents’ country. I did, however, see Sean Penn at the Fontainebeau hotel not long ago and when he looked straight at me, I wanted to throw up.

    Sorry for sharing more than you probably care to know but your writing resonates with me and I’ve enjoyed reading your articles.


    • Heartwarming story. I sympathize yet am encouraged by your fathers bravery. My own family suffered under the WWII problems we know so well in Europe and I have been a silent cold warrior for many a year. We are born to be free and thrive only in this fashion. As you mentioned Mr. Penn or as I call him Mr. Quisling, watch for my column today. It is all about him and his love of dictators. Best.

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