The Nobel Peace Prize For Drone Strikes Goes To?

Well of course the winner is President Obama. How ironic? But well deserved in my opinion. It just shows how negligent the Nobel committee has become in the past generation. They bestowed an award based on some unknown promise which was perceived in their pea brains. They were hoping or at minimum, bought what our media was peddling us in 2008 and has proven to be nothing more than hyperbole. Historically speaking, such an honor is awarded based on remarkable achievement and rightly so.

Well last I checked on the current events in the Middle East, the Nobel brainiacs picked the wrong guy. At least their intentions were honorable. And isn’t that after all, what matters? Not to me as I prefer actions to words. It is not so widely reported that President Obama has out droned President Bush by a factor of four.
Simply incredible and I thank him for it. I do however regret the massive amount of collateral damage imposed by Mr. President. The few reports available suggest hundreds of innocents being killed in these strikes, children included.

Most unfortunate that. But perhaps it is better than pouring water down the gullets of three world known terrorists? Well if you listen to the Presidents supporters and 95% of the media, a little water is worse than innocent lives incinerated. The world is indeed upside down. At least if your perspective is from the left. At least that is the impression I get and have no choice but to conclude is the feelings of the left. Deafly silent on the issue wouldn’t you say? Tells me lots. It is indeed inconsistent, and also true.

The President received the award while campaigning as the anti-Bush. He promised to sit with the leaders of the Middle East and terrorist communities and bring peace. He promised to close Guantanamo Bay prison on day one of his administration. In the end, the results are the same as Michael Moore promising to drop five pounds. Empty words.

So the media and protestors who clobbered President Bush for too much water for KSM, and on a daily basis ravaged him for about five years, can’t muster the courage to do the same to the current President. Why do you think that is? It certainly is not how they were taught in the elite journalism schools. More likely it was the ideology in which they were propagandized and or brainwashed in these same institutions of higher learning. They should be ashamed one and all.

Do not the President’s supporters feel betrayed by these broken promises? I think the answer is clear. They don’t. They either don’t care, and in which case they should allow a little slack to President Bush and most assuredly an apology, or they are simply ideological blind to real world events. As the saying goes,” you can’t have it both ways”.

I personally commend the President for doing a job which was imposed on us and not declared by us. Believe me, I like peace as much as the next human. Most of the chaos is such a sad waste. Syria is now up too 70,000 dead. Shocking news. Yet the violence continues. And the President has a responsibility to protect us from foreign foes. So keep it up sir.

But let’s be fair my friends and view the goings on equally. If you disliked Bush’s policies enough to demand investigations and form protests, is it not intellectually honest to do the same with President Obama? Logic insists on this. But in the mean time do not hold your breath and await this logic as you will never see it. You will not read front page news for the next three years working over President Obama for collateral damage done by the drones. In the mean time Mr. President, drone on and I don’t mean with words.

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Roe V. Wade Anniversary? Oh Please.

Let the celebration begin! Well at least in some circles it will. I surely do not see any reason to rejoice. Not unless one is pleased that we are quickly approaching figures not seen since Stalin or even Mao ruled and dictated. Since the Supreme Court handed down this landmark ruling 40 years past, the figure widely circulated is abortion: 55,000,000, life: 0. How many Einstein’s or Newton’s have we perhaps lost?

Does this make us a better people? A more compassionate society? I answer profoundly, NO! Don’t get me wrong as I cherish freedom. But in some cases my freedom might cost some other individual their freedom. Not a proper balance. In the case of abortion, ones choice actually causes ones life to cease. And for what? Ones convenience?

I intend no offense to those in this most awkward predicament. I am saddened by loss of any life. I am also repulsed at the loss of life for convenience. Those figures are unknown as a statistic. We are also told that the partial birth version of abortion is estimated at 1-2%. I will spare one and all of this barbaric procedure for if one knew how it was done, one would naturally be screaming infanticide. We are better than this no?

I am not so sure friends. A powerful lobby exists and supports these procedures. It is in fact a billion dollar industry to the ever shrinking amount of physicians offering the service. The powerful lobby, at least in my opinion, has sold us a bad dose of science. We know this now as in the early days of Roe, we did not have the science and technology we have today. We now know what we are doing and it is horrifying to say the least. I am always glad Mom chose me.

Again I want to take no ones freedom. But I also want freedom for the soon to be. We must speak for the silent. The powerful lobby does not. Someone must. Is that not our most primary concern, to care for our progeny? In a civilized society one would and should think so. What does it say of us. Are we not civilized? Only the conscience of each of us can answer that.

I know this is a touchy subject for most, so I witness a commercial by a Hollywood star glorifying an objectionable position. Repugnant is being kind for this glamorized tripe with the sexy man being cool with abortion. How sick. I assume this man has no idea what an abortion consists of excepting perhaps one less headache for him to feed. My best estimate is that he was simply pandering to the fairer sex so as to continue to engage them. Sort of like our morally bankrupt politicians disguised as “statesmen”. I say cowards one and all.

It is high time we reflect what makes a decent and civilized society. Pandering does not do that. Neither does clouding a vital issue such as abortion with the terminology of “choice” or “women’s rights”. I think at the end of the day we all know what is right. Adoption is always a viable option and countless thousands routinely go over seas in search of a child. Point being, there are alternatives to infanticide and if you do not appreciate the choice of words, remember I also have “choice” to utilize them.

Who will speak for the silent. The powerful have a voice already. And boatloads of cash. If we do not defend the most innocent, then what are we really worth? This is no cause to celebrate. It is a dark anniversary of which we should be ashamed.

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Who Decides What Fair share Is?

So they did it to us again. “Once more into the breach” if you will. At the eleventh hour our so called leaders rammed through more pork laden lunacy disguised as a fair budget deal. It seems every year we avert disaster by these wise souls. What a laugh! These suntan spray salesmen are absolutely worthless if you ask many.

And now, they are running the victory lap and they, being primarily on the left side of the aisle. Hoorah! We are soaking the millionaires and billionaires. Happy days are here again. Just more political theater of the lowest order.

If memory serves, aren’t we all to be treated equally in the eyes of Lady Liberty? What is up with creating this deep division over this nation amongst the different levels of income earned. I personally find it despicable. Equal is equal. No PHD needed to decipher that.

The irony is that many of this administration’s most  loyal supporters are being unduly punished in the job market over these inane policies and the unforeseen consequences therein. I say inane as the policies are not well thought out and provide little to no relief to the symptoms affecting this country. What makes Washington convince its inhabitant’s that they are omniscient? Must be the water or better still the royal treatment these poobahs receive. We know “power corrupts absolutely” and Lord Acton was dead on and ahead of his time and of course most wise in revealing this observation.

The so called rich are in my opinion, paying way more than they should. Witness the accompanying IRS chart for confirmation and I would suspect, only an unreasonable person might object. Numbers do not lie. I am of the mindset which presupposes equality for all. Extrapolate this sentiment and it yields “we all pay the same rate”. Simple concept but pollution circulates and inculcates the minds of many which proceed to get whipped into a frenzy of envy and jealously. Just a few deadly sins.

As stated here before, these rich do not have anywhere near the money in total assets to cover one year’s worth of deficits. Is it any surprise to anyone that not one cent in cuts was imposed? Spending is where the problem lies, but our leaders punted. Heaven forbid we cut 100 year old and wasteful “programs”. Cowards all.

A complicit and deceitful media whom some describe as stenographers to the administration, clouded any counter points and sold the bad policy implemented. They should be deemed as naive or foolish and likely both. Simply blinded by ideology perhaps?
No one wins in this fight and if you see your first check today as many  have with whom I have spoken with, these middle class people are fuming. They thought it was just the rich. They got screwed. All of us did. And yet President Barry jetted off to Hawaii for more snow cones. Lucky guy. He should have spent a few hours working as the Senate and Congress both need a leader. It was supposed to be him, yet all he cared for is a soak the rich tax hike. Well he took his eye off the ball as it is the masses who will be soaked. The estimated revenue from the rich again is $60 billion a year. Assuming they do not change their financial strategies. Hardly worth the effort when the deficit is $1.5 trillion a year.

So what was the point. I think it is clear the point is to divide us and not unite us. This insures many votes. As for those in Washington, the hope for more of our money so they can buy a permanent majority. Happy New Year and God Bless the United States. We sure can use him about now.

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Observations On The Fiscal Cliff.

Are there any real leaders to be found in modern day Washington D.C. I say “Hell No”. It does not matter which side of the political spectrum you tend to side with, you have to admit in all honesty that we have been sold down the river or been driven over the “Fiscal Cliff” if you will, by a band of rag tag, blow dried hair fraudsters. And at this point I sincerely mean one and all. We, the lemmings, have our IPhone’s and vote for American idols and seem quite content. We are missing the charade being paraded before our eyes. And with a heavy cost no doubt.

Is this the wake up call? I doubt it as most are too busy to recognize what our “leaders’ are up to. Ultimately it is we who pay the price and from where I sit, we should all be fuming at the actions or lack thereof on our behalf. All I hear is posturing and blame circulating.

Is this last minute stupidity really necessary? It seems our pols do this every year and take us to the brink. We deserve better than this. I believe a group of schoolchildren could agree on a satisfactory compromise. But we get squat as a result of the “statesmen” acting on our behalf. In the mean time most are found unaware of these activities save an occasional sound bite or two which usually is pitting one vs the other.

So join me in a cry for an across the board change in D.C. They are not worthy of working for us. They are haggling over a savings of $1 trillion over the next ten years. In the mean time, they will run an estimated $10 trillion of deficit spending in the same time frame. And so they quibble over peanuts while the boulders will be crushing us all. Is this leadership? Hell No.

President Obama’s blue ribbon team of “Simpson-Bowles”, came up with a plan that was widely hailed as a fair and balanced solution and approach. That was two years ago. The President proceeded to ignore and reject his blue ribbon boys. He seems to be averse to any spending cuts. True leadership wouldn’t you say? Senate leader Harry Reid is at home asleep or when awake he is working over Speaker Boehner and the evil House while posing for any camera he can find. Speaker Boehner is as lost as the former two. It seems one side wants more taxes and the other less spending. Reminds me of Lite Beer from Miller.

Grown ups are supposed to have and use more sense I was always led to believe. It seems easier to attack each other and score points with your base. Talk about a “base” tactic. Here is a thought. 10 percent tax hike and 10% across the board spending cuts. By jove I think I am on to something yet it sounds so simple. With moderate growth this would balance us in about five years give or take. And therein lies the problem. The 100,000 or so special interest groups which own D.C. for their own advantage. They say “screw the people, we will get ours”. Well with gutless politicians hard at work, is it a surprise the few rule over the majority?

This is not Democrats against Republicans. Aside from a long shot by Speaker Boehner which failed, neither side is taking it seriously. There is no Democratic plan to cut our massive spending. Only a plan to hike taxes. “Einsteins”. And the Republicans aren’t much better with next to nothing to show for a wasted year in which we all knew of the fiscal cliff last year. And the show goes on. The next campaign begins. Washington is too busy to do any real work. Must fund raise and kiss babies.
We should all be disgusted with what they put us through. And what we are about to witness. Not one pro growth plan in the last five years of any merit have I seen. This nation thrives on growth. Growth heals all wounds and leads to prosperity. We have seen what trillions in spending have yielded. Nothing but trillions in debt. And as to taxing growth, that too is economically destructive. I say it is time for a big change and now.  Dear leaders are playing us all as dear suckers. Happy New Year and hang on to the ledge.

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“Tax The Rich,Till There Are Rich No More”.

For those old enough to remember the legendary rock group Ten Years After, the title should bring back fond memories. In fact it is some of the best guitar music ever. But we move on to more pressing issues ie “Fiscal Cliff” nonsense. “Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are rich no more” is the actual altruistic lyrics of the song. And the band indeed had good intentions. I love them.

The only problem is, does it work economically speaking? To that I answer a clear NO. All you have to do is look at Europe or for that matter the high tax States such as California or New Jersey. People of means are fleeing these locales in droves. Most prominently is France. President Hollande is hitting the well to do with a 75% rate. They are all moving. Who would think such a thing would happen? Likely most of us excepting the stupid politicians who enrich themselves on the backs of our sweat all around the world. Fools they be.

Who loses on this hike? Certainly not the rich. They can afford tax shelters you and I can’t. It will not hurt the Kennedy’s with their convoluted offshore family trusts. It will not hurt the gigolo Senator John Kerry, who moves his assets state to state to avoid taxation.

Or how about “lets tax the rich more” mavens such as Warren Buffett. Are you kidding me? He just bought back well over $1 billion in stock from a large shareholder who will save an estimated $150 million. How compassionate Warren. How hypocritical if you ask me.

Or perhaps you have heard of Google. Eric Schmidt is the CEO and an Obamamaniac. Rumors circulate he will be presented with a cabinet post for all the contributions he has made. Yet this man spoke of avoiding taxes as patriotic in support of the shenanigans his company utilizes to evade tax. What a phony. Another liberal who says, “sock it to them, but not me”.

Who loses? All of us. Deceit, hypocrisy and class warfare engender a vicious cycle of envy amongst the masses. As always, I find envy repugnant and easy for me to see why it is considered a deadly sin. Down right ugly.

Don’t get me wrong. I am no rich fat cat. But why should we punish success? As mentioned by me before, you can confiscate all the wealth of the top 5% of the wealthy. Have at it. The result is you have funded the government for about six months. Then where do they go? After the 95%. It is a lose lose proposition designed to prey on peoples heartstrings and envy button. A clever ruse nonetheless by the pols. They know who butters their wallet. And if we only hike taxes as is currently being proposed, by all accounts the potential net gain is $80 billion per year. Now what good does that do on a $1.5 trillion deficit. Squat! The numbers do not lie and they do not add up.

At the end of the day, you raise taxes on a rich guy. What or how does that change my circumstances? No one iota. I am screwed either way inheriting a bigger portion of the national debt. I do not get envious over more successful people. I applaud them. Mind you not the crooks but the honest hardworking people who have been elevated by a product or service worthy of demand by the masses. Leave them and us alone.

So in sum, all those advocating tax hikes are for the most part liberal. And truth be told more liberals are wealthy than republicans. But it doesn’t really matter to those who want to “soak the rich”. Their minds are being polluted by drivel from carnival barkers disguised as statesmen. And believe me, I apologize to all the honest carnival barkers out there.

There is clearly only one solution. As we are all equal in the eyes of justice, we should be equal at tax time as well. I propose no income tax and love the idea of a national sales tax in its stead. Talk about an ensuing economic boom. That is exactly what one will see. But we are told it is “regressive to the poor”. So is the cigarette tax hike Obama implemented his first week in office. Or the high gas taxes. These tend to hit the poor far more but I do not hear a peep from the compassionate set. Of course a tax credit can be issued for lower wage earners even with the national tax. But alas we are not soon to see such common sense and good for all policies out of the vipers in D.C. But one can hope. Merry Christmas.

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The People Have Spoken. Four More blah blah.

The ballots have finally been cast and the media got their wish. The candidate they worked their hardest to protect has come out on top. But did the people receive the victor which they need? Many will say yes, and of course I will say no. Nothing personal you see, it is just I do not agree with the policies of Mr. President. In fact I am not quite sure what they might be as he has been on the campaign trail for the last four years and we all know campaign talk is putrid drivel. From both sides of course.

What I do know is I have witnessed an utter lack of leadership on all fronts and a sad propensity to assign blame routinely. I do not find it becoming of a leader. Campaign speeches are like visiting Santa Claus and carry little weight with me as a politician will spout anything. I am happy for those on the left as they got their wish as well. I hope the next four years yield more fruit for them as statistically his strongest supporters have suffered the most.

But the media is in Valhalla. Chris Mathews went so far as to thank the storm of the century for allowing the photo ops to make O look Presidential thus insuring his victory. What a load of tripe and a more vicious comment I have not heard. How insensitive Chris. I don’t buy your apology either as you are a long time political hack and winning is all that matters. No crocodile tears please.

The financial markets are not so pleased for some reason. It went slightly unnoticed but on election day the markets anticipated a Romney win and rallied strongly. Romney got wiped and for some reason the markets have been down handsomely ever since election day. Not a good omen if you ask me. What do investors fear? Answer, lots of potential policies and tax hikes and other goodies which sound good to some, but in the end harm us all. Ever heard of Obamacare? Be careful what you wish for and I will leave thoughts on it to posterity.

Fiscal cliffs on the horizon and FHA just announced they are out of reserves. CIA problems and still no answers on the loss of our Ambassador. Many questions should have been addressed by the media prior to the election yet they decided to spend their time deriding Mr. Romney and his wife. The next four ought to be fun for scandal observers. Israel and Syria are at war and of course Amad is waiting in the wings.

What were the Presidents accomplishments if all this overhang is becoming clear? I suppose Obamacare if you think that is an accomplishment. I surely do not. After all 85% of us have health insurance. The remaining 15% can receive treatment via Medicare etc. According to several polls conducted many who did not carry insurance do so by choice.They might be young and healthy or just prefer the premiums went to a nice car. So no I do not see this as an accomplishment. But what do I know? I am stating some facts and the people voted for more. Many have told me of the new and improved FEMA Mr. Obama created. Ask those on the east coast. According to them who lived through this storm, response has been worse than Katrina and FEMA is on the run as it is too cold for them.

One thing I am glad of is no more mudslinging ads. Most where vile, duplicitous and many were outright lies. Who cares? After all a lie told many times over becomes the truth to some. Thank god not to me. But $2.3 billion worth of it. Obscene. As I have always said, the payoff in politics must be huge. $2.3 billion would feed a lot of poor children. Money better spent than a bag full of lies ever was.

So what does the next four years hold out for us? More of the same no doubt. Mr. President is already spouting for more tax hikes and more energy emission reductions and taxes. All major headwinds to a weak economy. Europe and the middle east are rioting again and we have never seen divisions the likes of which the USA has since the civil war is my guess. Never more divided by one who claimed he would reunite us and make us all feel good. I look forward to interesting observations. Second terms can be problematic historically.

As I am always wont to say, be careful who you worship. Especially if he or she is a politician. Not to be trusted and especially not blindly as many are. I prefer to place my faith in we the people.

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Has Obama Earned Our Votes?

That is a great question. His true believers will shout yes from the rooftops. Those not so enamored by the gentlemen will spray raspberries. Let us look at a few statistics and try to stay objective. As for my opinion, I will just state a few facts and figures and let you decide. I will attempt to be objective and stay with the facts. However my Libertarian bend might surface.

To begin, I will cede the point that economically we had some major issues of which the largest was the home market debacle which triggered an avalanche across the world. The blame lies with most and probably all our leaders of the last 30 years for this doozie. It was not a Bush thing truth be told as we so widely hear. As a 30 year mortgage veteran, I know of which I speak. So the house of cards collapsed and it was time to rebuild. Hope and change implied that all would be healed by various forms of government intervention. As those who study economics are aware, the free market heals it’s excesses better than any intervention can. Too bad we did not allow the markets to clear properly. We would have been the better for it.

So the promises to heal have been accompanied by the same old liberal playbook such as infrastructure spending and more teachers etc. Unfortunately the 2000 shovel ready projects VP Biden promised did not exist let alone materialize. The trillion dollar stimulus went mostly to states and favored constituents meaning it did nothing for the many and something for the few. Result is unemployment is far higher than it should or could have been. Federal spending has also rocketed by $1 trillion dollar each and every year since Obama took office.

Poverty is up. Food stamp usage is up. Oil prices have more than doubled. Job growth is anemic at best and offset by continued weekly layoffs. GDP is stagnant but moderately positive yet having dropped for three straight years. I can hear you screaming “but stocks are up”. Of course they are as the fed has pumped trillions in to the financial system and stocks are where the better returns are historically. As you most likely know, none of the above is beneficial to the lower and middle income category. The 1% however have benefited greatly. What a paradox and does this record deserve your vote?

Well we have stimulus, Obamacare, massive spending and more new regulations than any time in our history. Yet when Ronald Reagan took office he inherited a larger economic mess than Obama. He got us out of it in less than two years by allowing we the people to take control. I wish the last four years went the same way. As one who is in business I can assure you the massive regulation ie. Dodd-Frank, are devastating. Further more worrisome is that they end up harming those most in need. But capitalism has unique properties and the ingenious citizens of this nation usually find a way to work around our problems and eventually we re emerge.

To foreign policy. This Libyan problem breaks my heart. An absolute tragedy which was avoidable. The middle east is problematic and Putin is trying to take over again. I maintain foreign policy to be very suspect at this point. Israel and Iran on a powder keg. No healing.

But for me, the worst part of the President is his arrogance and apparent aloofness in dealing with dead soldiers and Ambassadors. Be true if you saw him on the John Stewart show. Even John was shocked. Truly chilling. The man seems to always have time for parties and golf. But word is he has not spoken to security advisers in months. Is he AWOL? Looks it to me. His presidency seems a four year campaign. Reports from his inner circle confirm this and many dare not speak of opposing policy ideas or incur his wrath.His prime constituents seem to be the most harmed under his policies. They love him none the less. Very well. I personally find it hard to detect any leadership skills whatsoever. Great at the blame game. Unseemly. That is my opinion and I wear no ideological blinders. It is what I see.

So now we have the sad tragedy of a 100 year storm. And he said no agency should let any rules or regulations block the clean up. If only he said that the day he took office. We might be growing at 5% and creating 500,000 jobs a month which is what we need. He obviously knows over regulation is a negative for growth as he just gave the go ahead for same today. Four years too late? We will know next Tuesday.

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